"No on Prop 8" site attacked

Towleroad reports that the “No on Prop 8” Web site received a denial-of-service attack last night. Just the kind of thing you’d expect from the no-holds-barred opponents of same-sex marriage.

Why? Surely because No on Prop 8 is raising money through that site. I donated last night before that attack, but used the Better Democrats portal, directed from the OpenLeft.com site. Try that one. But either way, be sure to donate.

I’d hate to wake to an Obama administration knowing that the best chance so many couples have for legal marriage was extinguished.

3 Replies to “"No on Prop 8" site attacked”

  1. I hope they (the site owners & their hosting company) do the necessary detective work to uncover the source of the attack, and pursue justice…

  2. While on the subject of websites, I think it is important for all AT&T customers to know that they are running a “Yes on 8” ad on their (my) internet home page. I have already lodged my complaint with AT&T, and will spend some time today finding a new provider.

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