Live blogging Thanksgiving dinner, part 2

Add a half-cup of flour to the butter-stewing vegetables, browning to a dark roux. Kettle of water boiling. Water in to make a gravy, add tomato sauce, gravy browning, sage, thyme, pepper. Simmer, add more herbs and some salt. Cut off heat.

Grr. There was no celery to be had last night.

Potatoes perfect, knife tender. Set aside with squash.  Not yet 10am. Breakfast?

The menu:

  • Mushroom and Gruyère crepes
  • Pan-roasted squash and potatoes
  • Green beans
  • Mushroom herb gravy
  • Cranberry sauce

For dessert, more crepes two ways: with apple butter and pumpkin butter.

You may notice the oven doesn’t get used.

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