Unitarian ordination in Denmark

From a Transylvanian Unitarian newsletter Jóakarat (PDF) comes a single English notice: the ordination of Roberto Rossi on November 16, in the Unitarian Church in Copenhagen, Norwegian Unitarian minister and blogger (here, also here) Knut Heidelberg presiding. It seems more of an international affair even than that — the Rev. Mr. Rossi being Italian for one, and connections to the Hungarian church for another — with details (as I find them) forthcoming.

Later. Title spelling fixed, but not the URL so as not to break incoming links.

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  1. As we at the ICUU strive to do for international issues, you will find information about Roberto’s ordination at the ICUU website (icuu.net). Look in the “In the News” box.

    Roberto attended the 2007 ICUU meeting in Oberwesel, Germany, and is striving to build a native Christian Unitarian church in Italy. He is also a Facebook user and a friend of mine, I may help you to be in contact with him if you are interested in learning more about his Italian project and his ordination.

  2. Congratulations to Roberto, he has come on a long journey over the years and is an example to all.

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