Feeding the multitudes . . . .

Hosting a multi-faith event? What about the food? I was thinking about what kind of menu would anchor a religiously-universal meal, when competing moral, culture and ethical demands threaten to make something as important as a meal impossible.

But it’s not impossible. I used Google to find this helpful page from the Inter Faith Network for the United Kingdom. A good thing too: I would have totally messed up the Jains.

Catering for multi faith events

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  1. My first thought was bread and “stone soup,” but yeah, I would have blown the Jains, too because you know some of those Irish Catholics would have brought potatos.


  2. This is the first intelligent article on feeding the multitudes that I’ve seen.

    I attended the UUA GA in Long Beach in 2004, and, as a vegan, found it almost impossible to find appropriate food at or near the event. I’ve also attended four UUCF revivals, and am happy to report that you (Scott) had a lot to do with planning the Revival that went out of it’s way to provide food for the multitudes.

    Thanks again,


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