Liberal Christian magazine attracts attention

Well, Hubby and I are back from a weekend in New York. Lots of fun, including a great show tunes sing-a-long at Marie’s Crisis, a retro-gay piano bar. Too much fun. And the building is on the site of the house where Thomas Paine died, thus Crisis.

While I was away, I tried to authorize new readers quickly, as these may download a PDF version of my new magazine The Liberal Christian. (Anyone may read the web pages.) Thanks to those who have expressed their interest this way.

Be sure to take a look here.

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  1. Scott — really appreciated the photos of the ordination in Copenhagen. Even allowed me to “friend” Knut on Facebook; I visited him and his family in Norway the semester I spent in Denmark as a visiting graduate student, but staying in touch since then has not always been easy. Sounds like all is going well with you. All my best!


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