Bible for Android?

No, I’m not preparing for a robotic mission. But after years of rejecting having a cell phone, I gave in — and did so with an Android phone. (After reading how a significant plurality of homeless persons have a cell phone, and how it is a leading entry-point for Internet technologies for persons in developing countries, I decided it was OK for me to have one, too.)

It’s a so-called smart phone distinguished by its Linux-based and largely open-source operating system. I love both the hardware and software to bits.

I do not love the available Bible applications for it. Poor user interfaces, thin in features. Bahai’is and Muslims are much better served (it seems) in their Android needs.

  1. Does anyone have a favorite Bible text and biblical research Android application?
  2. Are there some people out there who care, should I (and others) review the available options?

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  1. I’m curious about this, just because.

    I have the iPhone and finally found a Bible application i like–the Bible Reader from Olive Tree software, which provides readers for a variety of platforms. I picked up the New American Bible translation because it was fairly inexpensive and the only one available through the iTunes store with the Apocrypha and all the textual notes. (I downloaded for free the Wycliffe and Vulgate texts too 😉 )

    I wanted to avoid a Bible that I would have to download (which would drain the battery and require a decent connection) so it was worth it to me. (I also see a variety of other translations through the Olive Tree website, including TNIV.) I say all this because maybe Olive Tree has something (or will have something) in the works for Android?

  2. I should clarify–I wanted to avoid a bible app which was really just a shell for downloading the text from the web as I was reading it, in favor of having the whole text stored on the phone.

  3. @Steve. Didn’t see one. For the rest, the GnomeSword project — which does sound a bit like a Dungeons and Dragons application — is now called Xiphos. Confusingly, the software — as of Ubuntu Linux 8.10 respositories — is still GnomeSword2. I have it installed on my home computer.

    I’m thinking Android is still too young for this sort of thing.

  4. Congratulations on getting a cell phone! I’m afraid that I don’t have an Android phone, so I can’t offer any pointers to apps, Biblical or otherwise.

  5. Hi Scott, have you tried the VirtueBible FE application for the Android platform? It has the following features, among others: slick and intuitive user interface, multiple bible translation, the bibles are stored in the SD card to conserve the device internal storage, bookmark, search, history, customizable book list view, etc.

    It’s just available at the Android Market.

  6. Hi Scott,

    You may want to try Cadre Bible. Its the best I have come across so far. Its library contains different bible translations, dictionary and commentary. You can choose which ones to download to your phone. New books are added monthly. There are also the usual features of search, bookmarks, notes .etc and even a color picker for you to customize your preferred font size, color and background.

    More info @

  7. Geekings and Greetings,

    I myself am considering developing an android app with bible functionality, potentially open source. One thing I’m thinking of would be a tool that can run on a server, computer or phone to access the texts you use and inter-mangle them into some easily opened highly compressed format. Another feature I think that would be nice to have is some kind of audio bible or text to speech with voice recognition. Anyone have any ideas, suggestions or comments?

  8. In the meantime, I use AcroBible. The interface isn’t the greatest, but but for reading, it’s adequate.


  9. Try one of the Tecarta bibles. They have a free KJV for the android that is full-featured: search, highlights, notes, bookmarks, and it even reads aloud. It comes with the KJV and other translations can be streamed or purchased.

  10. The last commenter is apparently related to the company he promotes. That’s fine for posting, but I felt obliged to disclose that.

    And I’ll give it a try.

  11. Hi Scott,

    I have been working on an open source bible app for a few months now. See it here at or download it off App Market by searching for ‘And Bible’.

    It still needs a fair bit of work but being based on the CrossWire Sword project it provides bibles in many languages.

    Kind regards

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