Stand up for Hartmarx workers

My mother’s opinion of Hart, Schaffner and Marx suits — “they’re good” — has stuck with me, even though I was too young to wear (or buy) suits at the time. And because they exist, people like me, who buy whenever possible U.S.- and union-made clothing had a vendor. And they’re still good suits.

Well, they may be a victim of the “for me but not thee” economy. Wells Fargo (no relation) was bailed out — they even bought my bank, Wachovia — but Hartmarx is threatened with liquidation at their hands, and with it a thousand jobs.

Give Wells Fargo a piece of your mind. Patrick Murfin wrote about this and there are links from his blog. I think I’ll make a stink directly with Wachovia, who might have easily been flushed, but weren’t.

4 Replies to “Stand up for Hartmarx workers”

  1. I remember Pat Murfin back in the 70’s at the Wobbly Hall in Chicago. I don’t recall many people wearing suits. This is like the sale of Marshall Fields… everyone protested but then asked themselves when was the last time they had ever bought anything there.

  2. We don’t get that many denim jackets or Carhardt overalls here in D.C. — non-ironically anyway — so I’m trying to preserve a line of clothes I might actually wear! There’s only so many polo shirts I need (and I’m wearing a union-made one now.)

  3. This economic shift is really scary.

    You should be thankful that clergy are not being outsourced.

    best wishes

  4. @Dudley. No, but not getting your contract renewed, having your salary cut or the proportion of your time in ministry reduced are real issues. The church can be a hostile and harmful workplace. Little wonder some ministers unionize.

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