Please try Firefox 3.5

I’m very pleased with the new release of the Firefox browser. While I’ve generally been pleased by Firefox’s features, it has become slower and more demanding of computing resources in recent versions. The new version corrects the lag, and adds a new feature besides: the ability to embed audio and video without a separate plugin.

Bloggers know the drill: if you want to embed a sound or video clip, you’d have to paste in some Javascript from YouTube or what-have-you.

If you use Firefox 3.5, it will play Ogg encoded audio and video linked from the page, which right now is most handy with media found at Wikipedia, as it uses Ogg, a free and open-source way of compressing and decompressing sound and video. So it’s a bit of a selfish request: I’d love Firefox 3.5 to get a large enough market share to make this simplified way of sharing media an option.

Get Firefox 3.5

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