General Assembly: What Was a Congregation?

Ah! It’s just my luck. I am interested in some programming at any given General Assembly, but I have the worst time with the recorded video. What I want is never there — I mean only two of the nine events I wanted to watch were available.  So I come to you. (A word about the opening ceremony later; also, I can’t recall the last time there was any reportage of a on-schedule Christian worship service. Even a bare photo.)

This is the one I most wanted to see, with the salient points in bold:

Saturday 3:30pm – 4:45pm
Salt Palace – 251 E
#4031 What Is a Congregation?
Board of Trustees, UUA
Our UUA is an association of congregations. Is our traditional concept of a congregation sufficient for the 21st century? What about electronic networking? Or groups in diverse locations with common interests? Join the Board of Trustees for a conversation about how we shall gather.

I’m really very interested in the discussion. Ordinarily, I’d contact the presenter for handouts etc., but that doesn’t really work in this case.

Were any of you there? Do you know what was said, suggested?

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