Web media should be accessible, too

Piggybacking on Kim Hampton’s first-things-first approach (do read it) to ability and accessibility, let me humbly ask that all producers of online audio or video media create a text transcript to accompany it.

This is a matter of access in these ways:

  • Some people cannot see and other cannot hear. Text allows people to read, to hear automated text reading and even to use Braille readers.
  • Some people cannot understand spoken words when mixed with music, recorded in a noisy space or with inadequate equipment.
  • Some people do not have sophisticated hardware or capacious bandwidth to receive media. Indeed, a text can be printed and carried without immediate access to an electronic device.
  • Some people cannot recall where a resource lives. A full text allows for (better) web searches.

It’s more work, of course, but it makes the media more valuable and probably more enduring. And while I wouldn’t expect it to be simultaneously published say, at General Assembly, I would want it to be part of the final copy.


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