Bad sign in the East Village

One reason I wrote little last week is that Hubby and I were vacationing in New York. (We chose the hear of August because his musical — The Blue Lagoon — made its premiere there, at the International CringeFest, and we went up together to see the final two shows. It took second place in audience voting; congratulations and hurrah!)

We spent a lot of time in the East Village, enjoying borscht, challah, hamentashen and smoked whitefish salad. And there are a lot of film crews in New York, as you might know or guess.

While still in a beet and poppyseed stupor, we ran across this notice. Oh Vicki: I’m sorry to say that Eat, Pray, Love is being made into a film!

"No parking" notice for "Eat, Pray, Love" production
"No parking" notice for "Eat, Pray, Love" production

4 Replies to “Bad sign in the East Village”

  1. Well that’s just fine. That’s fine. Because I’m in talks to write the screenplay and star in the sequel, “Binge, Preach, Schtup” about a Boston-area blogger who eats even MORE pasta, gets even MORE male attention, achieves even DEEPER spiritual insight and has even MORE sex than Elizabeth Gilbert.

  2. Oh no, we were in NYC with Adam and Alison and all of our kids the entire weekend. Of course we spent a lot of time looking for sites from the film Enchanted for Ruth.

  3. Just saw this and wanted to chime in with my stunning regret! Particularly as we did not spend any time looking for Enchanted sites (sigh) and did stuff like art museums. Perhaps there is some way to set up a “Whose in New York Now” message board? I would subscribe to the updates pronto…

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