UK Unitarian map mashup

Googling around tonight, I discovered “A resource about, and for, Unitarians” — and a wise, common use of a branded Web resource for (as yet) 31 mostly-small congregations and institutions. Plus, it’s a free service for the churches and simply-formatted sites are bright, cheerful and both better than nothing and better than something over-adventuresome that would be hard to maintain.

But even more than this, has a map mashup with Google Maps, pinpointing every Unitarian and Free Christian Church in Great Britain (and a handful in Ireland.) A link to congregational Web sites would be nice, but I oughtn’t be greedy.

Good stuff; a United States version would also be a great idea.

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  1. Links to congregational websites are found following the menu list of districts on the left side (they are also available at the official site, > Our movement > Local centres, but without the map).

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