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  1. Hey Scott,
    Boy, I’m surprised this hasn’t been copied in my local diocese, where they’re all about selling off those traditional churches, building God-awfully ugly mega-parish “worship centers” and hiring a professional lay ministry to appeal to targeted demographic groups. Is it coincidence that Camden’s last bishop is now Brooklyn’s and the one who would have give the green light for this? So do they really think this will bring reverence to the churches? Or does that not matter?

    My wife Julie left Quakers five years ago to the Catholic Church where she grew up, thinking she would find a spiritual home where teaching and authority and truth were theoretically valued. Surprise! Last year they announced the closing of half the churches in the diocese. I doubt you’ll be surprised that a lot of it is about centralizing power into the bureaucracy (replacing priests protected by canon law with laypeople on the diocesan payroll) and bringing more of this “Soul Wow” crap into the church. Anyway, she’s the one behind most of the blog posts at Savestmarys.net and there’s some pretty funny commentary in there. I’d be surprised if there’s not a post about “Soul Wow” when I show her this.

  2. While I was watching that video, the adverts that came up at the bottom, as if they were part of the video were:
    Find a C of E church near you using our postcode finder!
    Explore Christmas myths at Bury St Edmunds Unitarian Church!

    Internet advertising has interesting consequences.

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