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Sometimes I mention in front of web developers and designers how WordPress can function quite well for church websites. Objections follow. Then I describe these churches: small, with no dedicated technical staff and requiring few bells and whistles. Then agreements follow. But some WordPress themes are better than others, and there’s little pretending that such a church is going to commission or build a custom theme. Success comes with good choices.

So it was so nice to run across the website of The First Universalist Church of Camp Hill‘s website. It’s a little Universalist heritage church near Auburn, Alabama. I’ve not been in Camp Hill in years and have never been for a service, yet it has always held a special place in my heart.

The theme they use is called PrimePressdownload here. Yes, it needs some modification, particularly appropriate graphics, which Camp Hill does very well.  The closeup of the casserole, indicating the post-worship potluck, is perfect. (And note: there are no big, glaring pictures of an empty meeting-house or parking lot: these suggest a church building for sale more than a living congregation.)

The text, too, is well-chosen and well-edited, and there’s a driving map on the contact us page.

A great effort — and frankly, better than many sites from churches ten and twenty times their size (12) — and I hope it helps Camp Hill identify itself to the world.

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  1. The potluck casserole gets my vote for most inviting church picture. Over the course of years in interim ministry it seems that the healthier the congregation, the better the potluck.

  2. We’ll probably be passing through that area in the next couple of months; maybe we’ll be able to attend a service!

  3. @Louise. Be sure to visit my old church in Canon, Ga. — south of I-85, just as you come in from South Carolina. They meet on the third Sunday.

  4. when the Universalist Convocation met in Birmingham this past Spring, we had a field trip to Camp Hill. Nice looking building (inside and out), town is dying – which doesnt help.
    I think this is the second oldest UU congregation in the South (Charleston SC Unitarian congregation being oldest,) –

  5. Not only have I not been to Camp Hill, Scott, I ‘ve never been to Rockwell Universalist Church either and I went to high school in Winder. My first exposure to Universalism was when my mother stopped the car at the stop sign at the corner where the church was. At the time, the three other corners were pasture or cornfield. “See that church, Larry,”she said pointing at Rockwell Universalist’s building, “those people don’t believe in anything.” She wasn’t exactly pleased to learn that I planned to study for the Unitarian Universalist ministry. . .

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