Google Wave invites, especially for small-church ministers and seminarians

So Google Wave is the big new thing, right? (Of course, the same was said of the Segway scooter-ma-bob-thingy and the sight of one still makes me giggle.) It’s a email-editor-chatty thingy, or in English, real-time communication and collaboration.

For church people, the value is in holding remote working meetings. Work up a schedule, draft a document or (my fave) even chat through Google’s translator tools. Plus I love any service that has a new wave button. Please comment if you work in a religious congregation or ministry and have a Wave success (or dissapointment) story.

If you’re interested, be sure to see this video.

Like others who have been let on to the Google Wave train, I have some invitations to give out. Comment me if you want one. A particular invitation to ministers in small pastorates and chaplaincies, and to seminarians. My logic there? This might be a really useful tool for some, but now you need to know someone who’s in to get in, and I’m thinking if you’re in a large church you might already have a connection.

2 Replies to “Google Wave invites, especially for small-church ministers and seminarians”

  1. I’ll take an invite if you’ve filled your quota of small church ministers.

  2. I’d like an invite if they’re still available – I’d like to suggest my Vestry use it.

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