Clergy sexual misconduct site resumes

I’m glad to see Speaking Truth to Power — a site addressing clergy sexual misconduct (CSM) resume. In its own words, “its specific focus is Unitarian Universalist processes for dealing with CSM.” Though popularly conflated with child sexual abuse, the risk of clergy sexual misconduct remains and in a congregational system there’s little natural recourse for grievances (or protesting innocence).

It is a part of the larger Safety Net program, designed to address CSM and sponsored by the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville (Tennessee). This kind of sponsored program — I should add — might be a good model for some of the functions lost by an over-stretched UUA and which might have once been picked up by the now cast-off independent affiliate organizations. Indeed, it looks like a manifestation of the growing fiscal sponsorship movement in non-profits, which should be seriously considered by any group hoping to start something new of a charitable nature.

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  1. Her post you linked to says “One final note. Will this blog pick up where it left off? I’m also grateful to those of you who convinced me not to pull the blog down in Aug. 2007. However, for personal reasons I still have no desire to continue with it. Instead, I leave it to Safety Net to decide its fate and what to do or not do next. I trust them.”

    But I hope you’re right. Nothing would make me happier than UUgrrl resuming doing it herself.

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