I attended the Esperanto Usona Landa Kongreso — United-States-ian National Congress — in nearby Bethesda, Maryland, and I think I’m hooked. Proof: I’m in a blue shirt, a third of the way from the top. The next LK — pronounced “loko” — is in Berkeley, Kalifornio and I plan on being there.

More about my experience there later. I plan on blogging on my learning plan and in time adding posts in la lingvo internacia. More importantly, why I should do such a thing, and why you might.

With this post, I’m opening an Esperanto category.

2 Replies to “Esperanto!”

  1. I applaud your geekishness πŸ™‚

    Esperanto is one language I’ve never thought about studying, so I’d be interested in reading your rationale. (Not that it will persuade me — I have too many other academically-driven languages to work on.)

    As far as international languages, I’ll stick with Gestuno πŸ™‚

  2. Seconding that applause for your geekiness! This is great, and I can’t believe that you haven’t had an Esperanto category before this!

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