Live-blogging General Assembly

Inasmuch as I can watch UUA General Assembly streaming video, I’ll be live blogging via Twitter. There’s a feed to the right (from the main page) or you can follow me at bitb. (With Sunlight Foundation office goodness in-between. You’ve heard about Elena’s Inbox, right? And some Swedenborgian General Convention. Also, I’ll be out a bit this weekend.)

I had a good run this evening, but absolutely stopped stunned at the chalice lighting in the opening plenary. (Link to come, when available.) Creepy, much? I just didn’t want to touch anything at that moment. One more inter-penetrating and the only friction I would suffer would be a Karen Silkwood shower. Eew.

2 Replies to “Live-blogging General Assembly”

  1. HAHAHA! Glad our little area in the hall wasn’t the only one who thought the lighting was a bit….sexual in nature 😀 We were giggling (and I mean our entire group of 15, including my ministers.) Just…yah…we wont be having our kids say that one when lighting the chalice.

  2. Do me a favor please and cover the peace making soc if you can. I favor it, as drafted, although bothered a bit by the way it’s rammed through. I would appreciate a sense of the give and take, it any, when it’s presented.

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