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So I’ve installed two Bible reader software packages: BibleTime and Xiphos (formerly GnomeSword). Both are based on the SWORD Project, where the former is native to the Kubuntu distribution (flavor) of Linux, while Xiphos is native to the mainline Ubuntu distribution I use. (If the difference between Ubuntu and Kubuntu doesn’t mean anything to you already, don’t let this be your introduction.)

Now, Xiphos requires a text package to be installed from a remote server in order to be use. Unfortunately, the only one available — even though there are many Bible translations and commentaries available for the software — is the NET (New English Translation) version, but I have misgivings about its doctrinal underpinnings — its roots lie in Dallas Theological Seminary –and its copyright status which makes it dubiously free, even though that a feature it markets on. So I resisted installing it, if even to uninstall it later. And what good would this stricture do a non-English reader? I was caught and a little irritated.

So I installed BibleTime, which as I expected gave me an assortment of choices, including the Bible in Esperanto (London version). This I installed. Lo and behold! it then appeared in Xiphos, allowing me to proceed and add other Bibles. What the hay?

I’m posting this to see if anyone has had this problem, and to see if there’s a solution.

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  1. That’s my point. Of course there are multiple English translations, but as Xiphos was set up, you had to get the NET edition before you could so anything else, even if you didn’t read English.

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