Dabbling with web fonts

I’ve been fascinated by web fonts in private, but news that Google has a Fonts API in a beta release — in short, making liberally-licensed fonts for websites easier to implement — pushes up my interest. And this, despite the Google diet I’ve put myself on. (Once I learn more about web fonts, it’ll be easy to replace their service with one I can host. And besides, it’s not like the Big G is going to get any more personal data about me in the transaction. They have it all already.)

This blog post is for other dabblers. Start here to use Google’s API; it includes a simple real-life example to try.  For pre-dabblers, web fonts can bring a new level of typography to the web, without resorting to pictures of text.  I’ll probably be trying it out on this blog, using Vollkorn, next week.

HT: “Embedding Google Font to Your WP Blog” (Make Tech Easier)

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