Hot (blog) summer in Britain

The British Unitarians and Free Christian bloggers seem to be countering the mid-summer slump that’s withering the bloggers on this side of the Atlantic. And they have an energy that its worthy of emulation: they use blogs, in a loosely-coordinated (or perhaps not so loosely, but that’s how it appears) way, to provide services.  Unofficial outlets and self-rising experts — some ministers, some lay leaders — providing counsel and resources: readers take note.

Depending on who you believe, there are three or four thousand British Unitarians — and for better or worse, many of them seem to think the United States version of Unitarian Universalism is worth emulating. But those small numbers could never provide or justify the service systems we take for granted here. The Communications Commission of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches has a blog that notes these resources; an emerging feed — using Yahoo Pipes — will aggregate the British content.

Not to pick out favorites, but Live Unitarian-ly is an emerging favo(u)rite, if for nothing else, it review of ministry training resources.  Others, related to governance (better here as an inspiration because much of the content is UK-specific) and spiritual community deserve a growing readership. These last two are by “Louise” — others are completely anonymous. Which raises my one plaint: names, photos and bios would be lovely. We, the readers, want to know who you are.

For the rest of us, read, be inspired and find your niche.

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