Open thread: best pocket book

One for the ministers (of any fellowship or affiliation), ministerial students, chaplains and the like. (You get to chose if you are “like”.)

In your hands is a small book vital to your ministry. Small enough to pop in a jacket pocket or clutch purse. What is it? (or them.)

I’ll chime in if this attracts attention.  A context or your reasons would also help, and — as with Desert Island Discs — I’ll grant the Bible as a given.

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  1. “In your hands is a small book vital to your ministry…. What is it?”

    In my current ministry, which focuses on children and teens, there are no small books in any of my pockets. Last Sunday, there was a dry-erase marker, a package of balloons, an annotated order of service (we’re re-examining the section of the worship service where children are present), pens, and pretzel crumbs.

    When your primary ministry is with people under 18, it’s a whole different ball game.

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