Farewell to churches

Unitarian Universalist Association Board of Trustees minutes have been published online since 2003, so it’s possible — through not convenient — to see which churches have joined the UUA since then. Follow the resolutions.

The same sections of the minutes include other congregational news: name changes, district changes, a merger (the two churches in Queens, New York becoming one) and the disaffiliation of churches.

Many of these disaffiliations are the natural tail-end of Canadian Unitarian Council autonomy. In the other cases, the congregations left for reasons unrecorded or, more likely, died.

So before I post a list of all the new churches since 2003, let me note those non-Canadians that are no longer with us.

unnamed in minutes Coronado CA
UU Fellowship Aspen CO
Panthea Pagan Fellowship Hoffman Estates IL
UU Fellowship of Johnson County Prairie Village KS
UUs of Northern Kentucky Covington KY
UU Society of the Western Reserve Painesville OH
First Universalist Church Woonsocket RI

As you might guess, that loss at Woonsocket particularly hurts. (Also, because these are reported losses, I wouldn’t read this as comprehensive.)

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  1. The congregation in Covington, KY should have done better. I was on the district extension committee as their downward spiral progressed. But they had challenges.

    (1) A hard to find location.

    (2) Had switched their worship time on multiple locations.

    (3) A membership that included a larger than normal number of low income and disabled persons. Which left them chronically short on resources.

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