The underwear post

I’m just going to grit my teeth, be grateful that the last two months of blog posts are back, summarize the facts of the substantive post I wrote today — now it’s gone! — and then back up my databases . . . .

I found some sweatshop-free underwear I like. Boxer-briefs. Not too snug. Made by this union shop in Pennsylvania and sold by this workers’ co-op in Maine. Be warned: they don’t have all colors (normally, white, black and grey) in all sizes.

They’re cheap if you buy your skivvies in a box, but expensive if you get them in plastic bags.  I like them, and recommend them.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written on the subject — links there for women, too — and here’s my most recent general clothing shopping guide.

Now, back to blog and church administration . . . .

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  1. Very exciting. If you ever find a link to women’s undies or dress shoes that isn’t a dead end, please post it in big red bold letters. It’s not hard to find women’s shoes that aren’t leather, but they’re made in China. It’s not too hard to find ones that are made in the USA, but they’re either leather or something like sports sandals. Union made, US-made vegan dress shoes for women? Haven’t found them yet. All I want are a pair of simple black flats . . .

  2. Amy, I don’t think you can get all three. I buy No Bull oxfords from Pangea: vegan and US-made, but no evidence of unionized labor. Pangea doesn’t sell Chinese shoes. But looking, there doesn’t seem to be much left for women.

    For fun shoes, I get items from the Vegetarian Shoes line via MooShoes. They’re made in Portugal.

    (MooShoes will sell Chinese shoes, so I only bought from them after visiting their New York store and now only buy from the Vegetarian Shoes line.)

    As for items of women’s clothing, I don’t buy them so I don’t review them. But the ethical shopping blogging world seems to be predominantly women, so I imagine there’s someone taking on a similar task.

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