IKEA for communion ware

snaps glasses It’s been almost five years since I’ve written about using items from the Swedish dry-goods store IKEA for ecclesiastic purposes, but then Hubby and I don’t own a car anymore and it takes an effort to get to our nearest outlet.

But we did so yesterday, and enjoyed ourselves down to the meatball-free dinner in the cafeteria. I even had lingenberries for dinner tonight.

There I saw a cute set of little glasses — they called them snaps glasses; how Swedish —  but they were pleasingly domestic for a low-church communion set. Not as tiny as those normally used for communion, and not as wasteful as plastic. Probably cheaper, too, at less than $3 for six. And less off-putting for those, like me, who get queasy at the thought of someone’s fingers bathing in the common cup during the ostensibly more-hygienic practice of intinction.

Alas, if you want these, you’ll have to go to the store yourself. They don’t ship these. They also call for some kind of tray, but more about that later.

POKAL snaps glasses

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  1. As an Independent Catholic, I’m at the high-church end of the scale, but our little parish jokingly refers to IKEA as our “liturgical supply store”. We got a nice glass chalice and paten for very little, as well as a pillar candle to use as the Paschal candle. We got two of the seven-votive-candle-holder strips to use for Tenebrae. And I believe we got our Advent wreath candles there as well (and if not, then in K-mart or some similar store). The actual liturgical supply stores overcharge — it’s sinful — and IKEA is a great alternative.

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