General Assembly 2011 shout-out!


I will almost certainly go to General Assembly in Charlotte, N.C. this year: the site of the first GA I attended (1993) and the first one I will have attended since Boston in 2003.

I’m not in a pastorate and I have no vote. Most of the sessions leave me cold. Then why go? To see friends, of course, but that’s not the most important reason. General Assmebly is as much about informal business as the set agenda. I hope to meet people about my new church start and other matters.

Will you be there?

Once I find a room and get a flight — oh, and Hubby might be able to join me; he went to college nearby — I’ll start making (and taking ?) appointments.

7 Replies to “General Assembly 2011 shout-out!”

  1. As someone who hasn’t seen you in a while, it’ll be great to see you there.

    Have you thought about taking the Train? That’s how I’m gettting there.

  2. I go to Charlotte at least once a summer, and have for the past (cough cough) 30 + years. This means that this summer, I plan to go to Charlotte twice, (even though I’m now 4 hours away, instead of 1.5 hours). Not sure yet what old Universalist stuff I might bring with me…

  3. Wish I could go. But if I am very fortunate, I could be moving at just about that time. So I need to be open to relocating my family.

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