Where the Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act may become law

I want to re-open the thread about unincorporated nonprofit associations I began last fall here, here and here. To recap, there’s a uniform act that covers about a fifth of the U.S. population that provides some of the legal cover to unincorporated nonprofit associations that corporations have, thus opening a door for cheap, easy-to-organize entities for nonprofit purposes. There are actually two forms of the act, but most of the states (and including the District of Columbia) that have passed one have passed the less detailed, older version.

Well, D.C. may soon get the newer versiondescribed here — as a part of a long-deliberated omnibus bill (“District of Columbia Official Code Title 29 (Business Organizations) Enactment Act of 2009”) currently under the Mayor’s review. It’s B18-0500 if you’d prefer to search for it yourself, but the D.C. legislation browser doesn’t have a landing page for the legislative history. Download the PDF (1.8 Mb) of the enrolled legislation here, and begin at page 390. I can’t wait to read the ten pages related to unincorporated nonprofit associations.

Idaho and Arkansas, which have the older act, have also introduced the new act for consideration, and Pennsylvania and Nebraska have introduced it fresh.

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