The $10 church computer

Something of a thought experiment.

USB sticks have gotten ridicuously cheap and Linux desktop software has gotten rather robust and mature. Why not combine the two, and create a live USB drive — where the entire computer system with operating system, all software and files — can be booted up on pretty most any computer without affecting what’s already installed there?New software and files can be saved to the USB drive.

I bought a 4 gig USB drive for $10 plus tax. (Both Staples and Radio Shack is having sales.) I’m installing Bodhi Linux, an unofficial variant of Ubuntu Linux using the lightweight Enlightenment windows manager. (So some Linux love to the Buddhists reading this.) I’ll fiddle with it to make it more useful to a church; in particular, the kind of church I intend to plant, but will note other software for other religious communities. (I don’t know of any software for religious Humanists though!)

This is technically possible now. I’ll report on the additions and give away the USB drive when I’m done with my testing.

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  1. Of course the Humanists do not have any programs. Such implies a Programer or Programers and they would dismiss such as superstition.

  2. Thanks Scott! Great idea–but also, I was able to grab some drives on sale for our use at GA this year!

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