Unitarianism as a steampunk folkway

A frivolous thought occurred to me this morning as I was mooring my zeppelin.

“Western” Free Religion Unitarianism — think Jenkin Lloyd Jones — would make an ideal component to steampunk culture, along with complicated brass fittings and Tesla coils.

Something optimistic, progressive and brashly over-promising.

5 Replies to “Unitarianism as a steampunk folkway”

  1. Steampunk novel is on my bucket list (like some time in the next 30 years). I was thinking of a Chestertonian protagonist so perhaps the Western Unitarian strain might fit in there somehow…

  2. I had to google steampunk. JLJ I know better and when I think of him, I think Wisconsin and the rolling hills of the Driftless Area and not machines.

  3. I just discovered what Steampunk is when a parishioner asked me on Sunday if I would do a renewal of their vows…but he warned me, it would be all Steampunk and would I like help with a costume? I am intrigued and don’t know about a costume, but I am looking for some 19th century flying goggles to accompany my ecclesiastical robes…

  4. At the risk of stepping into Vicki Weinstein’s beat, I’d try for overstated Victorian earrings, or perhaps eyeglasses from a chain. Extra points if you can pull off a monocle.

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