Quiet weekend: finding Esperanto resources

It’s been a quiet weekend with gloomy weather. A good time to prepare for future blog posts. (A day’s blog post often has several days of research or preparation behind it.) And to note small errands today.

My ability to read Esperanto has gotten much better recently entirely from running through Montagu C. Butler’s hoary Step-by-Step in Esperanto. Got this copy at the D.C. public library — main Martin Luther King Jr. branch; foreign language section — but I figure I’ll make so much use of it that I’ve made the now-unusual step of actually buying a copy. The exercises should, in time, help with my written and spoken Esperanto, and so I’ve started downloading Esperanto podcasts to improve my hearing comprehension. (I use Rhythmbox to manage and listen to them.)

Among them:

China Radio International has a broadcast (using Windows encoding!) but I can’t find a podcast, so will read their Mikrofone magazine instead.

4 Replies to “Quiet weekend: finding Esperanto resources”

  1. Thanks for sharing this!

    I’ve had an on-and-off interest in Esperanto for a while — could you perhaps put up a Resource page on your blog some of this links?

  2. There should also be more resources in the part of the world in which you live. And, in time, I hope to blog (occasionally) in Esperanto.

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