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I continue to try and understand the British Unitarian experience, and so have been reading many of their websites. (Though every time I see a rota, I think of a mid 70s spin-off of the Mary Tyler Moore Show.)

Among these, I see that the minister of the Oldham Unitarian Chapel, Bob Pounder, is blogging (Faileth Never) and I’m adding it to my reading feed. Not many posts: likely sermon excerpts and interesting.

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  1. A few random observations from the Oldham Chapel website.

    (1) They have a nice, modest sized, modern building. Some might find it a bit plain, but it looks very pragmatic and useful. And its particular modernism does look attractive.
    (2) The website is attractive, easy to navigate, and loaded with usefull information that a newcomer might like.
    (3) I think it is very important that the church building is also put to work as the One World Center, which as ministry provides a home for a variety of cultural, community, and interfaith programs. In a more secular world, the gateway to a faith community may be easier to find when it involves things that are not formal church services, but involve programs that serve the inner needs of people.

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