Yes: old British Unitarian imprints online

More praise for the British Unitarian website: — you can download many valuable resources there, including:

But it’s the selection of out-of-print books — some in PDF, others in HTML — that amazed me. If you review nothing else, download The Unitarian Heritage for a comprehensive catalog of church buildings. See also Kenneth Twinn’s service book (HTML) and — I’ve had a paper copy of this one for aeons – Margaret Barr’s inspiring A Dream Come True (PDF) a story too little known among American Unitarian Universalists

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  1. I haven’t started fiddling with your links, but this is the kind of stuff I would love to see UUA doing. (Or whomever would be better suited to the task.) I’d certainly started calling and donating funds to support it.

  2. I happened to look around the website a few days ago – it’s a really good website and I too was pleased to see sme of the old books, some of which I’ve downloaded.

    I’m thinking of attending a Unitarian service this Sunday (whoich would be my first one).

    Are there any particular Essex lectures you’d recommend?

  3. It’s awesome, and I sort of got the impression that the guy who created the thing (our HQ IT consultant) just went ahead and did it. And then asked the copyright holders if they were ok with it. Which they basically were.

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