"Universalist Conventions and Creeds" source online

As Google Books and other scanning projects bring the works of past generations within easy reach, formerly obscure works in Universalist history and theology become so easy to acquire that they deserve to be reviewed fresh.

As late as the late 1990s, I used interlibrary loan to borrow microforms of Universalist periodicals, to print pages and transcribe important passages. Indeed, some of my earliest work on the web was to share what I had found.

One such resource was Richard Eddy’s multi-part essay series, published in the Universalist Quarterly and Review called “Universalist Conventions and Creeds.” I’ve excerpted parts from that series at my UniversalistChurch.net site. At one level, he was doing in part what I have done: preserve documents from earlier sources. And now, you can read most of his series within a single (1875) volume of Universalist Quarterly and Review.  See this page at Google Books for the volume and an automatically generated table of contents.

Note: the 1875 volume does not contain the whole series, and the reference to “article I” means the first article in volume, not the series. If I find the installments that come before or after 1875, I’ll link them from this blog post.

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