If your church relies on visiting speakers . . . .

If your church relies on visiting speakers, don’t make them hunt for the details essential for a successful visit.

Back in Ye Olde Days, the Unitarian Universalist Association (and predecessor groups) had information about what the main service was — as well as where — and at one point what the hymnals in use were.

Of course, with individual congregational websites, such a responsibility can be laid aside. But that means the congregation should step up.

Over the weekend, I ran into a page on a site of a church in one of my favorite-named denominations: the Countess of Huntington’s Connexion. It’s the organizational heir to George Whitefield’s Calvinist Methodism, and I have run across it again in preparing the Life of Murray for republication.

Consider this page at Mortimer West End Chapel‘s site. It gives what a visiting speaker needs, and a careful and interested visitor can intuit much about the service by what is included, down to AV details. (And what is not: there’s plenty of parking but no reference to public transportation. And the nearest rail station is four miles away.) An effort worthy of emulation.

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