The Wired guide to evangelism

When we got our copy of Wired magazine this month at the office, I made an “evangelism note” to myself to revisit it. The suite of cover articles relate to towns — it’s not just Silicon Valley any more! — that have grown new tech-related jobs. I wondered if there’s a vibrant Unitarian Universalist presence in each of these. This follows the little-spoken-of folk wisdom I heard a quarter of century ago in the first congregation I joined that where you find a nuclear bomb plant, you find Unitarians nearby. (In our case, it was the tritium.) Let’s go right to the featured map. Southern Indiana? Tennessee Tri-Cities?

That, and returning to Wired and its little review of renewed, livable downtowns of small cities. Unitarian Universalists are — I think — too dependent on suburban congregations, and that’s one reason we’re caught in particular ethnic, class and (above all) generational silos. These cities deserve examination for new church starts. Ideas here.

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