Let's call it a social media experiment

This year, I got as birthday greetings

  • 2 cards
  • 2 emails
  • 2 telephone calls
  • 7 tweets on Twitter
  • 83 87 greetings on Facebook, plus 5 direct messages

I also got three automated emails from business that required my birthdate to register.

The people who greeted me on Facebook ranged from close family (including my mother, who also called) to new acquaintances at G.A. There’s a lesson here about what works today.

3 Replies to “Let's call it a social media experiment”

  1. Happy birthday!

    Add “1 blog comment,” since I’m not on Facebook and didn’t send a tweet on the actual day…

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

  2. 3 cards by now, I hope, assuming our unfriendly postal carrier picked up the outgoing mail.

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