Next for your website: mobile

I’ll keep this brief. Until has a proper mobile version, mobile apps are just gimmicks. (And not inexpensive ones.) It’s a question of convenient, added functionality. By contrast, the Church of the Larger Fellowship app (search for “Quest for Meaning”) rises to a need, though it’s not one I have. A Pavlovian or magical attraction to mobile apps isn’t helpful. Their value should be measured for effectiveness like every other program.

That’s why I was so pleased when I saw Unitarian Universalist minister and blogger Cynthia Landrum (Rev. Cyn) of the Unitarian Universalist Church of East Liberty, Clarkelake, Michigan, discussing the technical challenges of getting her church’s website to serve a mobile version. For one thing, she saw a need to support mobile devices and that it was probably coming from newcomers. Be sure to read the posts here and here.

And if your church is running its site on WordPress, there are ready-to-use templates that do the work for you, if in a plain way. (This blog has a mobile version thus.)

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