Wanted: the Most Unwanted Music

I’ve made it clear that I’m in a funk, but two things happened today to overcome it. One was a lunchtime conversation with an office mate that helps me with the fork-in-the-road I’ve hit with the church start, so more about that later.

The other is a twenty-two-minute-long musical composition called “The Most Unwanted Song” (or “The Most Unwanted Music”). It’s a hodgepodge of forms of music that rated low in a survey. So cowboy music to tuba. An operatic paean to Wittgenstein. A children choir’s appeal to shop at Walmart for Labor Day. Reporting by BoingBoing (and NPR?) in 2008 gave it new listeners.

It puts me in a good mood from the sheer absurdism of it.

Then around the 18 minute mark, we get a political screed via bullhorn and elevator music (a riff on “Morning Has Broken” I think) followed by a tune  — again, cue the kids — that in isolation wouldn’t be too out of place in certain double-vowelled congregations. Listen to that if nothing else.

Be sure to download the whole thing here. (MP3)

Also, the lyrics from the author/singer.

5 Replies to “Wanted: the Most Unwanted Music”

  1. 1. What’s wrong with accordians?! Philistines!
    2. What’s wrong with cowboy music? Philistines!
    3. The “Political Screen has Broken” bit is … ouch 🙂

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