Pastors: here's a good binder for your service book

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Starting as early as seminary, I've known free church ministers (including and particularly Unitarian Universalists) to put together their pastoral services book -- services, readings and the like -- for weddings, funerals and other occasional services. Baptism and communion would go here, too.

But what about the actual binding? Almost all I've seen are loose-leaf, thus calling for a binder. I can't recall if I've used anything but 8½ by 5½ inch binders, and all but one of those (inherited, made of pebble-textured card) have been covered in vinyl. But I found one, Russell+Hazel mini binder: three-rings and covered in something like buckram, like clothbound books. Effective, but not the most attractive upon close examination. Not terribly expensive ($16), made in the U.S.A. and its plastic content seems to be restricted to a protective film.

This is the one I found today, at the Container Store.

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