Cold outside, inside — but action

One of the tensions I feel is how far we (Americans, global citzens or the 99%) should respond to the current economic situation: act primarily in concord to develop a new economic order, or retool our expectations for life with less.

Or, I suspect, both. I am by habit a rather thrifty person, even in times of plenty. I suppose I want to have reserves in difficult times, but I also believe that it is immoral to live in such a way that depends on others to suffer for your comfort.

The weather is cold quite early this fall here on the Eastern seaboard. A good place to start. Better to wear more appropriate clothing indoors and turn down the heat than — as is the case in metropolitan Washington — to use far-shipped gas or (in my case) heat with electricity that comes from strip-mined coal.

Here’s an article from early this year that continues to inspire me. Saves energy, saves money, avoids the hubris of overconsumption.

Insulation: first the body, then the home” (Low Tech Magazine)

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