Once-a-month preaching cycle

Long-time readers may recall my on-and-off interest in churches with less-than-monthly services. Like here. And I write about liturgical calendars and their use.

Now I have a (possible) use case: a church with monthly services. I’ll be recording my workplan here, but wondered: do you have a regular plan of monthly themes you use for a monthly service series? A sanctoral cycle might work, but a lectionary seems a bit of a stretch.

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  1. In creating the sanctoral cycle, is the church in question (A) liberal Protestant, or (B) interfaith, or (C) mainstream UU?

  2. Here are some late follow-up thoughts. If this is the church I am thinking of, their theology places huge emphasis on Biblical narrative as allegory for spiritual development.


    In January, with the new year, some reading/preaching from the familiar creation story in

    In December, with Advent, something from the pre-birth of Christ narratives in the Gospels.

    Across a couple months I might suggest longer narratives from Exodus or Jonah. For New Testament foci, select parables or an extended focus on the Sermon on the Mount.

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