Four days, really?

Wait, there’s four days until Christmas? Without being maudlin, I have to say this is the least Christmas-y feeling Christmas I can remember. If it were not for the prospect of seeing some relatives, I would just as soon stay inside — no church service, no movie, no stollen, (perhaps) no Chinese food — and wait for the 26th. I’ve not sent out a single card. The artificial tree waits for ornaments.

I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this way.

4 Replies to “Four days, really?”

  1. No, you are not alone. Our family is gathered, the tree is up, the cookies baked. But this year I am far more into the mood of Advent – watchful waiting in a dark world. And no-one seems to be celebrating the few glimmers of returning light – the troops finally out of Iraq, the prospect of air pollution curbed, advances in marriage equality and human rights for everyone, a growing recognition of why our political and economic systems are malfunctioning. I hope we have hit bottom and this is the dark before the dawn.

  2. Scott, you are definitely not alone in this. I have talked to at least half a dozen people this week who are feeling the same way. I wonder what the difference is this year?

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