Alternate cups for communion

I mentioned recently how a Dopp kit would be a good case for carrying communion supplies for home or hospital and an alternative to the junk so often sold by church supply houses. I mentioned I had an alternative for communion cups, too.

I can’t find a good generic term for what I have in mind. They are sets of stacking metal cups, probably for spirits, and intended (I gather) for traveling or camping. They almost always have a leather case, and most of the ones I’ve seen were made in Germany. They’re not new, and not West Germany, so perhaps pre-war? I have three sets, pictured above and below. The set with a black case only has two cups, but the case is surely synthetic (better for us vegetarians) and is new; this set was made in China. The largest set only has three cups, and they’re large. Not ideal.


One reason this might be a good option is that you, someone you know or someone in your congregation may already have a set of these cups. I got the black-cased set as a groomsman’s gift, with (I believe) with a flask. That’s a pretty common gift, speaking to how many may be out there.

But if you want to buy one? You can get sets on eBay: this current set in Tiffany silver (!) would be nice, if expensive. This old set on Etsy is more practical. If these stacked, it would be another good and appealing option. Also these, if they weren’t so darn expensive.

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