Learning Javascript at Code Year: the other lesson

Code Year — a project of CodeAcademy — has taken off like gangbusters.

At the end of 2011, I signed up to take lessons — easy to sign up; free of charge — to learn how to write code. I started my Javascript lesson today. No premininaries — just dove in — and nobody asked me to visit a church, make myself comfortable or share anything about myself. Instead, I got bitesize lessons and little rewards (points! a badge!).

Indeed, in a few weeks, there are twice as many people than are signed-the-book Unitarian Universalists. Let that sink in a moment. And in less than a half-hour I’ve learned enough to feel successful.

I know religious content is different than writing code, but golly I wish there was something like this for the church crowd. And it matters: Codeyear has successfully taken my attention. And I intend to follow my friends and encourage them.

Take note. (And follow me if you’re also taking the Javascript lessons.)

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