A thought about extinct churches

No created thing last forever. That includes religious movements.

A bit of tweeting about the Cowherdites — better known for their early vegetarianism than their adapted Swedenborgian theology — reminded me of primtivist and somewhat antinomian Sandemanians who served cabbage and broth at the Lord’s Supper.

Or the earthy and materialist (in the philosophical sense) Muggletonians — perhaps the most interesting of this bunch — and the Irvingites, who by distinction were known for their spiritual and esoteric theology … and their beautiful buildings. (An example.)

All came first from England or Scotland. All are now as dead as the dodo.

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  1. I’d love to see a 2012 resurgence of most of these, replacing some of our well established groups and denominations that are dedicated to the ideal of respectability (a fair number of UU congregations included).


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