Yes: this daily blog post is a fill-in until I get to the blog post about Peter Morales’s ink blot of a white paper. I was feeling sickly today and my heart wasn’t in it. Speaking with other bloggers reveals there’s much there — and too little there — if that’s not too crypic. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Until then, a tool to explore. I have two piles of flashcards on my night table: Esperanto vocab and questions for the technician’s amateur radio license. Flashcards are handy, especially if you have scraps of time and content to learn. Cheaper, too, than fiddling with a smart phone.

I make them using a GNOME Linux application called gLables, which is great for labels, postcards, name badges, membership cards and the like but is very hacky for making something two-sided.

Here some LaTeX to the rescue. Seems there’s two class called flashcards (PDF documentation) and flacards (PDF documentation). While the former is the older class, it may be more useful for U.S. based users since the cards can be printed on the standard perforated business cards blanks that are so easy to find. Flacards, on the other hands, is simple and draws the lines (on one side) for hand cutting. I can’t wait to play with these and see which makes the better flashcards.

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  1. Too much, too little: not cryptic at all. It’s the truth of it. Upends our tradition of Congregationalism for I’m not sure what: Jim Wallis’s Sojourners? That’s the only model that comes to my mind.

    Not that this isn’t a much needed conversation, and I’m glad Rev. Morales began it. It’s just worthy of a GA of it’s own.

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