Last Sunday's Order of Service

If you’re interested…

An old form, but well integrated and — as it was for evening — restful in its own way. Note that the Bible readings are from the American Standard Version, the grandparent of the NRSV, and once favored on the progressive end of the Protestant spectrum. The tip-in hymn was from the Open Hymnal Project and the fonts are from the Linux Libertine family: my go-to.

Order of service (PDF, 80 kb)

2 Replies to “Last Sunday's Order of Service”

  1. Nice. Thees and thous are a bit much tho. Why not use the WEB or Open English Bible instead?

  2. The WEB is underripe; I like the idea of it more than the product. Open English is new to me, so thank you. The ASV is partly an aesthetic choice and calls for practiced reading. (I will be uniformly be changing Jehovah to Lord, though; indeed this was done even when the ASV was in common use.)

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