This Obama mishegoss

People of the Left, I’m home sick so I’ll make this brief. Show some self-respect.

The President said as little as possible about supporting same-sex marriage — and how much would he have said had the Vice President not spoken first? — and look how it’s gotten your juices going. Forget this not: everything is calculated for his election and not your good feelings. For all the talk of marriage, he seems more like an inconstant boyfriend. And, frankly, he’s not into us. Which is why we should treat him like an adult and ask what policies within his executive roll he hopes to make from these personal opinions. Given his “progress” on Guantanamo bay or personal privacy, I’m not betting he’ll do much. Which is why I’m holding my praise and my checkbook. Demand more than a fluttering interview.

Enough — back to bed.

2 Replies to “This Obama mishegoss”

  1. Your post overlooks the following:

    1. Even before this, the Administration already eliminated Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and stopped trying to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court.

    2. At this stage, Obama’s “evolved” position on same-sex marriage is hardly an obvious political winner. For example, some people have argued it could cost him North Carolina in the general election. So I think it took some political courage to do this, although obviously there was also some political calculation as well. But it is naive to expect politicians to not do some political calculation. FDR supposedly once told some activists meeting with him, “You’ve convinced me. Now go out and make me do it.” That reflects the fact that ANY democratic politician has to balance their own personal beliefs with what they think the political system will support. So certainly activists should always seek to pressure any President. But we should also recognize when there are significant steps forward, which I think this “evolved” position is.

  2. I would also advise us to temper our expectations. There are power structures at work, and even one president’s position on marriage equality does not automatically yield new policy.

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