Today is Ascension

Later. What? It’s Wednesday? Long week. Tomorrow is Ascension.

Long-time readers know that I love the feast of the Ascension, when Christ took leave from his followers and figuratively lifted up humanity. Leaving the office just now, I chatted with Office Mate, with whom the subject turned to how well parsed the Wikipedia entry for Jesus was. (Don’t ask.)

I exclamed: “Ah! it’s Ascension and it’s too late to take in a service'” then briefly explained Jesus’ final appearance and leave-taking.
Office Mate: “I thought that was Easter.”
Me: “No, that was his resurrection.”
OM: “So he pulled an Obi-Wan?”
Me: “Not how I would put it. Ascension’s more like the end of Jedi.”

Not that I like to give the Lucas universe that much credit. Plus it’s arguably a bit like the Transfiguration, too.

Happy Ascension.

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