How I'm celebrating Facebook's IPO

I’m “celebrating” by offsetting my Facebook use with greater use of Diaspora, an alternative that let’s you keep strong control over your data. I don’t know many people there, but it’s more lively (about things I care about anyway) than I’ve heard described, and I’ve found some interesting people I wouldn’t have otherwise fonnd.

Sign up here and if you’re a member, seek me by name.

I can’t stand Facebook, but I use it to keep up with a few friends and family members. I don’t like the low regard its management has for privacy, or for the presumption of a inevitable (but invented) good it provides. But it’s easier to do without it if there’s a partial alternative. Partial because there’s no point replace an invented good with another.

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  1. I didn’t think that there was much to celebrate with the IPO. The initiall sale of shares didn’t fare well.

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